About Us

2015 Co-Chairs
“Interconnections: Patterns, Pathways and Possibilities”

Michael Becker, 2015 Co-Chair
Mariyam Yusufov, 2015 Co-Chair

Board of Directors

Jenna Morton-Aiken, 2014 Chair

Katy Burton, 2013 Co-Chair
Jamie Remillard, 2013 Co-Chair

Bridget Heaney, 2012 Chair

Michael Becker, 2011 Co-Chair
Kim Evelyn, 2011 Co-Chair

Graduate Conference Committee

In addition to our Board of Directors, hundreds of graduate students from mostly the Departments of English and Writing & Rhetoric have volunteered their time and expertise over the past eight years to help make each year’s conference fun, engaging, enlightening, and successful. We simply could not do it without you! As we begin to grow the conference this year (2014-2015) we are actively seeking graduate students from ACROSS the disciplines at URI. Please join us!

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