2013 Conference: Session I: 9:30-10:45 a.m.

Panel A — Sustainability Under the Sea: Communicating and Collaborating across Contact Zones
Room 204, Moderator: Megan Skrip

  • Sentinel Sites for Sea Level Change and Coastal Inundation, Galen Scot, University of Rhode Island (National Resource Science)
  • Fishing Practices in the Northeast Coast of the Dominican Republic (Pecha Kucha), Elizabeth Mclean, University of Rhode Island (National Resource Science)
  • Managing Conflict and Compatibility of Use: A Case Study of Stakeholder Groups Associated with Blue Crabs (Callinectes Sapidus) in Coastal North Carolina, Leigh Habegger, University of Rhode Island (Marine Affairs)
  • Rhode Island Aquaculturists’ Perceptions of Eco-labeling Certification Programs, Nicole DeAngelis, University of Rhode Island (Marine Affairs)

Panel B — Facilitating Creativity in Interdisciplinary and Multimodal Spaces Room 205, Moderator: Clarissa Walker

  • Constructing Safe Space, Together, Jennifer Wicks, Concordia University (Art Education)
  • Just Focusing on the Right Answer is the Wrong Answer, Pamela Watters, University of Rhode Island/Rhode Island College (Education)
  • Weaving a Future from Threads of the Past: Creating Digital Citizenship through Multimodal Scholarship, Krysten Manke, University of Rhode Island (Writing & Rhetoric)
  • Creating a Space for Art, Math, and Science to Play (Pecha Kucha), Sara MacSorley, University of Rhode Island/Wesleyan University (Business/Green Street Arts Center and Project to Increase Mastery in Math and Science)

Panel C — From People to Plankton: An Interdisciplinary Poster Session Room 207, Moderator: Jennifer Lee

  • The Physiological Response of a Narragansett Bay Phytoplankton Population to Climate Change, Kelly Canesi, University of Rhode Island (Oceanography)
  • Preserving the Future with Knowledge of the Past? Gregg Griffin, William Paterson University (History)
  • Exploring Transtheoretical Model Constructs in Unpredictable Similarities Within and Between Treatment and Control Groups in Multiple Health Behavior Change, Miryam Yusufov, University of Rhode Island (Psychology/Clinical Psychology)
  • Examining Trends in Adolescents’ Future Orientation across 33 Years, Indrawati Liauw, University of Rhode Island (Human Development and Family Studies)

Panel D — Teaching and Learning about Media Literacy Representation Using Multi-medial Methods
Room 209, Moderator: Karen Shea

  • Elizaveta Provoroza, Temple University (Media and Communication)
  • Wendy Grosskopf, University of Rhode Island (Writing & Rhetoric)
  • Jonathan Friesem, University of Rhode Island/Rhode Island College (Education/Media)

Panel E — Reporting Instability, Erosion, and Erasure: Superstorm Sandy, Borderlands, and Sunken Military Fleets
Room 211, Moderator: Kara Watts

  • Studies on Rhode Island’s South Shore Affected by Superstorm Sandy, Scott Rasmussen, University of Rhode Island (Geosciences/MESM)
  • The Waters that Hold the Change, Jenna Teachout, University of Rhode Island (History)
  • How the Internet Forgets: Charting Internet Chatter about Hurricane Sandy, Michele Meek, University of Rhode Island (English)
  • The Ship Wrecks of World War Two: Dealing with the Environmental Hazard while Preserving the Past, Jessica Glickman, University of Rhode Island (History/Underwater Archeology)

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