Sarah Kruse
Sarah traveled to Kingston, RI from Portland, OR to present at the 2009 URI Graduate Conference and decided to apply to URI’s Graduate Program in English. Sarah was accepted and awarded a competitive Teaching Assistantship in 2010. She is now a 2nd year PhD student.

“In 2009 I attended the URI Graduate Student Conference, ‘Bodies In Motion,’ as a presenter and delivered a paper titled ‘The Body of Language and the Dress of Thought.’ Two years later, I enrolled as a PhD student. I was initially drawn to the University of Rhode Island because of both the faculty and the students. At the conference, I was impressed with the rigor the faculty used in critiquing the current graduate students, and I also found much of the work the students were doing new and intellectually stimulating. I applied to the conference because of the unique and interdisciplinary approach to the idea of bodies. During my work at Portland State University, I had been working on nontraditional approaches to poetic language using a synthesis of Romantic poetics and postmodern theory. The conference was a perfect fit for my interests. Through my PhD work to date with Dr. Jennifer Jones and Dr. Mary Cappello, the University proves an excellent fit for my work where my ideas continue to develop and evolve. I’m looking forward to my future at URI.”

Dr. Rey Chow (2010 Keynote) Anne Firor Scott Professor of Literature in Trinity College of Arts and Sciences at Duke University:

“Before the event fades in our memories, I want to write and thank you and your colleagues again for hosting me last weekend. Your enthusiasm and hospitality were energizing in every respect; my ‘performance’ undoubtedly benefited from the presence of such an engaging audience. I was very impressed with the work that went into the conference preparation and especially with the poise and professionalism of the organizers!”

Kathleen Davis (2010 Plenary) English Professor at the University of Rhode Island:

“The Conference was unbelievably magnificent! All your hard work and preventive trouble-shooting really paid off. I didn’t see a single snag, but even more importantly, the day had a wonderful feel—such energy and sense of purpose in the air. Such things don’t happen by accident—it’s a tribute to the careful planning and thoughtfulness of you and the committee.”

Lana Sloutsky (2010 Panelist) from Boston University:

“Thank you for organizing such a wonderful conference and inviting me to present! I really enjoyed hearing the other papers (and of course the opening/closing remarks!) as well as meeting some of the other graduate students. You did an excellent job and it was a pleasure to meet you!”

David Shapiro-Zysk (2010 Audience Member) from University of Rhode Island:

“Congratulations on a very successful conference, Sara [Murphy]! Although I had only enough time to sit in on two panels, I very much enjoyed myself. The overall tone of the conference was both pleasant and professional. I can only imagine how hard you worked to achieve such a nice balance.”

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